Concrete Fence Solution

StoneWood Fencing System consists of 4000 psi rebar reinforced concrete with a high definition wood textured finish on both sides. This provides a virtually maintenance free product with the visual appearance of crafted wood and makes the StoneWood Fencing System stand apart from the average looking fence.

The StoneWood Concrete Privacy Fence System gives you design flexibility with any architectural or landscape style.   Featuring tapered interlocking panels and top coping ensures an attrac-

tive finish.  This fence system can flow with the ground, you don’t have top step it.  After the fence is installed it can be glazed in a variety of colors to best suit your style and needs.

The StoneWood Ranch Rail System gives you the strength needed in a ranch rail fence with the beauty of wood.  This fence allows a variety of angles so it can flow with your natural landscape.


Posts - 5” Square up to 11’ long

Panels - 6” high up to 6’ long

The system is comprised of  “H” shape posts which are set 24” into the ground and surrounded by concrete.  Panels are slotted for interlocking and the top coping gives it a finished edge on top.


Posts - 5” Square up to 7’ long

Rails - 3“x 6” and up to 8’ long

Posts are available in end, corner and T’s they range from 2 ,3 and 4 rails.  The holes are larger to support most angles to fit your landscape needs.


What’s the weight?

Average yield weight for this concrete mix is 138.2lbs. per cubic foot. This means that at maximum height and length the posts are 205lbs., privacy panels are 55lbs. and ranch rails are 98lbs.

Will the fence crack?

By using reinforced steel it keeps any cracking to a  minimum.  Under normal circumstances if cracking occurs it will not advance past the hairline crack stage.  Cracking in concrete is normal.

What is spalling and what causes it?

(When the surface of the concrete pops off in little pieces) There are many different causes: 

  • Too much water in the concrete  when mixed.
  • Not using enough cement in the  mix.
  • Finishing concrete before the bleed water evaporates.
  • Not using air entrained concrete.

We strive at every step to eliminate the chances of this happening by using only the highest quality productsand time tested proven techniques.